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Teaching Programs in Developmental Biology

Ebio Lehre

The Developmental Biology department contributes to teaching in animal developmental biology, genetics, neurobiology, stem cell and regeneration biology in the context of several study tracks.

Courses address fundamental questions in biology with a focus on biomedically relevant areas:

  • How dose a fertilized zygote develop into a complex embryo?
  • How are cell movements controlled and orchestrated during morphogenesis?
  • Which molecular mechanisms control organ development?
  • How are proliferation and differentiation of stem cells controlled in the embryo?
  • Can we learn biomedically relevant regeneration mechanisms from studying embryos?
  • How do transcriptional and signaling networks act together during differentiation of complex organs?
  • How does the brain develop?
  • How do neural circuits controlling specific behaviors develop?
  • How are state-of-the-art genetic, molecular biology and life imaging techniques combined in modern research?

Detailed information on the individual study tracks can be found following these links:


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