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M.Sc. Biologie - Focus Genetics and Development

M.Sc. Biologie - Focus Genetics and Development (English language)

M.Sc. Biologie - Focus Genetics and Development


  • Orientation module OM-02 Genetics and Developmental Biology (1. Semester)
    This module provides an extensive foundation on molecular and genetic mechanisms that control cell organization in prokaryotes, animals and plants.
    Topics include: mechanisms of prokaryotic and eukaryotic replication; genome organization and epigenetic phenomena affecting development, adaptation and evolution; main principles of stem cell regulation in plants and animals; major mechanisms of signal transduction in plants and animals; mechanisms of pattern formation in development and of organogenesis.
    Techniques include: design and clone prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression vectors; monitoring of gene expression experimentally in whole animals and through quantitative PCR; techniques to study and dissect signalling pathways experimentally; study of developmental control mechanisms by using transgenic animals and forward and reverse genetic methods
      module description - PDF

  • Focus module 1 (Schwerpunktmodulmodul1) SP1-02 Genetics and Developmental Biology (2. Semester)
    The aim of this module is a molecular‐ level understanding and knowledge of experimental approaches of genetic and molecular mechanisms in cellular regulation and development..
    module description - PDF

  • Elective module (Wahlmodul) WM-12 (2. Semester)
    This module focuses on mechanisms controlling development of the vertebrate embryo after gastrulation at a cellular level. Fundamental molecular control mechanisms involved include reciprocal signaling processes, transcriptional regulation. Further, development of Drosophila is used as model for genetic control mechanisms.
    module description - PDF

  • Focus module 2 (Schwerpunktmodulmodul2) SP1-07 Developmental Biology (3. Semester)
    The focus of this module is on molecular mechanisms of embryonic development of model organism and their relevance to human disease. It provides an integrates knowledge of several disciplines (developmental biology, genetics, cell
    biology, human genetics) towards comprehension of complex developmental processes.
    Students apply state-of-the-art technologies for research on embryonic development, analyze their experiments using statistical tools and to evaluate their results critically, write a laboratory project report in the format of a scientific primary research publication.
    module description - PDF

  • The department of developmental biology offers each year a wide range of Master thesis projects.
    Please contact the lab heads directly.

  • Detailed information on this study track can be found on the faculty home pages:
    M.Sc. Biologie: http://www.bio.uni-freiburg.de/studium/studiengaenge/master




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